Linda studied mental health nursing at City University of London and has worked as a specialist Forensic Senior Mental Health Nurse with the National Health Service.

At 23 years of age Linda was advised by her doctor to extract her womb, however she decided to defy his report and seek natural ways to conceive. Currently, she’s a mother of two healthy children. Her continued research and learning of natural and safe fertility methods have given her a wealth of information which she now wants to share and develop with women.

With over 10 years of experience in the business of advising women about getting pregnant Linda Nalunga believes she has the winning natural formula to win and succeed at the fertility lottery.

Linda is a Fertility Entrepreneur, she teaches women how to become ‘naturally rich and fertility ready’ for pregnancy. She coaches and assists women with fertility issues via consultations, group workshops, and events. She is passionate about standing with women for better and safer womb services and is an advocate for unnecessary surgery recommended by doctors who readily opt to extract the womb without first exhausting all options.